Working space based on analysis

Walter Herz consulting company has implemented the original project of office space design based on the analysis of strategic aspects of working environment in their new office.

Walter Herz company, which recently moved to Warsaw’s Prosta Tower office building, designed an inspiring workplace for themselves, using proven solutions to analyze office space efficiency.

- When planning the shape of a new office, we began with defining working style and the needs of the entire team. We wanted to create a workplace that would be user-friendly and comfortable for everyone, supporting the creativity and productivity of the team, while maximizing the efficiency of office space. We emphasized streamlining of communication and improving collaboration between departments. We have also applied attractive spatial solutions and advanced technological innovations that naturally improved the quality of work - says Bartłomiej Zagrodnik, Managing Partner at Walter Herz.

Bartłomiej Zagrodnik acknowledges that it was crucial at that time to develop a comprehensive analysis of working environment, on the basis of which the profile of office space layout was tailored to the specific requirements of the company and the dynamics and operating mode of the team. – This option has also been used by our customers for quite some time – adds Bartłomiej Zagrodnik.

This time, Walter Herz carried out a comprehensive process of optimizing working environment for themselves. The analysis was based on standardized research in office space, auxiliary area and work productivity, as well as interviews with employees and management.

The design of the new office has been optimized for the different working styles in the company,  job classification and placement of the various departments. In the new premises of Walter Herz, space has been created for larger and smaller groups, as well as for conceptual and design work, rooms for individual work, as well as meeting rooms for the team and conference rooms for guests.

Differentiation of space, in line with the principles of the Activity-Based Working concept, has increased the freedom of choice of work style and provided the opportunity to exchange experience and integrate. Moreover, the employees have the ability to regenerate in the chillout zones and areas dedicated to relaxation.

The main objective of the project was to create an environment for Walter Herz employees, that encourages action, promotes initiative and interactive communication between the teams. Among the new arrangement elements in the new office are telephone booths, quiet zones and electric desks.