Investment consulting

Walter Herz offers investment consulting services in purchasing and selling office, retail and warehouse properties. We work with investors, who are looking for the best solutions to help them enter a given market or expand their operation as well as with owners interested in selling their assets.

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Bartłomiej Zagrodnik
Bartłomiej Zagrodnik
Managing Partner/CEO
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Katarzyna Tęcza
Katarzyna Tencza
Associate Director – Investment & Hospitality Department
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Investment consulting

Range of activities:

1.Advice for sellers

We provide strategic support to sellers by maximizing the value of their real estate and increasing transaction security. In addition, thanks to our extensive connections and market knowledge, we use the latest technology to generate interest, creating marketing strategies individually tailored for each property.

2.Advice for buyers

We know that acquiring the right assets at the right time is a key step towards increasing return on investment. We represent buyers at all stages of the process, from identifying and selecting real estate locations, through full and due diligence analysis to the final negotiations and transaction closings.

3.Converting existing buildings

A proper analysis to determine the best use of the real estate and maximize income must also include unobvious evaluations. Our broad experience and unique approach guarantee that each option will be analyzed and verified to ensure the best possible use of the property.

4.Looking for a JV partner

When developing strategies for the best use of assets, we encourage our partners to choose an unconventional approach and take advantage of the situation on the market. Through choosing the right structure and security conditions, we go beyond standard sales and purchase transactions by developing short and long-term JV strategies.


Saving time

Through an in-depth analysis of the property, we are able to prepare an optimal purchase or sale strategy. Our extensive experience and knowledge guarantee proper preparation and implementation of the process.

Expert knowledge

Our extensive knowledge and a contact network allow us to reach off-market opportunities and investors. International experience, as well as RICS and CCIM certificates, ensure the highest standards and experience.

Maximizing effects

Based on our unconventional approach and expert knowledge we can guarantee to maximize effects and create unique solutions for your benefit.

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