Tenant Representation

We support companies in acquiring space, relocating, consolidating and extending their lease agreements. In-depth knowledge of the market and a broad network of contacts allow us to identify opportunities that are not just obvious choices and satisfy our clients with best solutions, by offering proposals that are not available to general public.

Lessee’s representation

Scope of activities:

1.Preparing for the process

We thoroughly examine Lessee’s business needs. Basing on this analysis, we prepare a tailored process schedule that includes a time frame for each stage of our activities. We analyze the market taking into the account Lessee's directives and recommend a list of selected spaces.

2.Selecting a Building

We analyze selected objects with a Lessee to meet the expectations including technical, financial and other individual requirements. At this stage of the process, we also prepare recommendations and scenarios for further actions.


Through an in-depth analysis of lease agreements, we negotiate best financial terms and look for savings and unconventional solutions. We define clear requirements for the Building and secure Lessee’s rights.

4.Recommendation of subcontractors

We optimize office arrangement costs by recommending proven Partners: project managers, architects, fit-out and furniture companies.

5.Finalizing the process

We create financial analyzes and comparisons of offers. We negotiate final provisions of a lease agreement and verify costs of office arrangement and finishing standards for a given space.

6.Post-transaction support

Even after a completed process, we are in constant contact with a Lessee. We verify operating fees, secure any expansions and participate in contract renegotiations.



Our comprehensive and well-coordinated team of experts guarantees that the interests of a Lessee are protected at every stage of the process.


An in-depth analysis of a Lessee's business needs will help save time and allow us to focus only on individualized activities that are tailored to the client’s needs.

Cost optimization

We will negotiate the best possible financial terms and lease provisions and also recommend reliable contractors.

Complexity of the process

Our team represents a full range of skills and competencies thanks to which we can provide continuity, constant care and comprehensive advice at every stage.

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