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Tenant representation

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We support companies in acquiring office space, relocation, consolidation and extending the leases. In-depth knowledge of the market as well as extensive range of contacts allow us to identify opportunities, which are not the obvious choice, and provide clients with the best solutions, including suggestions from outside of the generally available offer.

Our specialists conduct a preliminary analysis to help clarify the real demand and estimate the future needs of the company. Based on the company's resources we look for the best option, following every possibility in the current market reality. We choose the most interesting offers and complete cost calculation. Then we present customers with a transparent comparative analysis, pointing out the best offers in terms of conditions and the total cost of the rental.

We have the knowledge about what criteria the property owners go by. We use it in negotiating on behalf of our clients. We advise companies on how to minimize the risk related to concluding agreements.

For many years, we have been working closely with the owners of commercial buildings, developers, investors and partners, based on exclusive contracts. Our experts know how to seize the opportunity on the rental market, so that the represented tenant obtains maximum benefits.

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