Landlord Representation

Walter Herz offers services aimed at the representation of Lessors. We cooperate with Owners interested in maximizing their assets. We provide support to institutional clients, private and corporate investors, as well as asset managers. We have knowledge and standards that apply both to the global market and individual regional markets in Poland.

Landlord Representation

Scope of activities:

1.Developing a strategy for a building

We help Owners identify and prepare strategic financial and operational objectives in accordance with the current requirements of the real estate market. We deal with both "build-to-suit" projects and repositioning of existing or older assets to strengthen the competitiveness on the local market.

2.Active acquisition of Lessees

Our unique approach to work and activities, supported by databases and contact networks offer additional opportunities for the Lessee Representation Team to actively promote and present each offer and leasing opportunity thus reducing to minimum any vacancy period.

3.Real estate marketing

Through an innovative approach to communication and real estate marketing, we increase the visibility of projects and buildings, creating added value and Lessees' place attachment.

4.Comprehensive consulting

Comprehensive support and optimization of the entire lease process allow us to achieve maximum results. Thanks to the strategic approach as well as coordination and supervision, we can conduct each process actively and acquire the best possible options for the client.


Through the extensive experience and knowledge of our advisers, we can help ensure that negotiations are conducted in a multi-faceted and dynamic manner. We conduct financial, technical and legal negotiations protecting the Landlord’s interests and preparing the facility for further activities in accordance with the adopted strategy.



Our comprehensive and well-coordinated team of experts guarantees the protection of interests of a Lessor at every stage of the process.

Speed of action

An in-depth analysis of needs will allow you to choose the most convenient action scenario.

Cost optimization

Due to an in-depth costs analysis and market evaluation as well as an assessment of the available courses of action, we will be able to present solutions optimizing expenditures and maximizing possible rental income.

Complexity of the process

Our skillful and competent team allows advisors to keep full and dynamic control over the process.

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