Leasing premises – we look for various commercial and service premises for our clients: typical commercial spaces, show-rooms or a more demanding location for gastronomy, music clubs, etc. Conducting an early analysis of needs and expectations with a Client considerably helps streamline the entire process. We ensure efficient flow of information, insight into the entire process and assistance in negotiating commercial terms and conditions of a Lease Agreement.


Range of activities:

1.Evaluation of potential locations

The Walter Herz Department of commercial and service rental representatives prepares an analysis of the investor's expectations in relation to the desired location as well as any necessary parameters to be met.

2.Analysis of pre-process technical issues

Before we start the process of searching for a suitable place for our client and its qualification, we conduct an investigation to ensure that any potential premises or their surroundings meet key technical requirements.

3.Business commentary to the lease contract

Walter Herz advisors have participated in many unusual processes of renting commercial, gastronomy and entertainment spaces. Thanks to their constantly increasing knowledge in this field, they are able to provide the customer with non-standard solutions, pay attention to some details - seemingly insignificant issues- and prepare the client for the negotiation process.

4.Mediation between parties

Thanks to our long-term cooperation with Lessors and Lessees on the commercial market, our specialists can efficiently guide our clients through the entire transaction process, from presenting premises to lease, through coordinating technical representatives of both Parties, negotiating and consulting lease contract provisions to finalizing the transaction, which results in signing a lease contract.


Saving time

An in-depth analysis of needs will allow you to choose the most convenient course of action. By evaluating any necessary technical aspects we can exclude locations and premises that do not work for the client.

Non-standard approach

We always look for additional solutions and possibilities for our clients that may seem impossible at first glance.

The efficient flow of information

We know how important technical issues are when it comes to commercial and service premises. We must admit that we are not experts of each technical aspect, but we know how to effectively communicate with all Parties, including technical departments, to successfully resolve technical issues.

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