Who we are

We provide strategic consulting services to lessees, investors and property owners within the scope of office leasing, investment projects and hotel designing. What sets us apart is an in-depth analysis of clients’ business needs and perfectly tailored support at each stage of the entire process. We are the founder of the Tenant Academy, the first project in Poland providing education in the leasing market.
We have created the first Tenant’s Academy in Poland
We posses international CCIM and MRICS certificates
We have developed The Code of good practice, we belive that professionalism is the key to successful cooperation

What sets us apart

Knowledge of the market Our team of analysts creates (office and hotel) market reports containing all substantive data related to the commercial real estate market and the economy.
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Well-coordinated team of experts We are a stable team that has developed as part of the organization over the years to ensure the continuity of the process, security and consistency in what we are offering and saying to our clients.
Our Team
Complexity of the process Our tight team makes use of its competence and experience – it allows us to guarantee substantive advice, extensive knowledge and a comprehensive insight into our client's needs.
Our services
Polish roots Thanks to our long-lasting partnerships and relationships that we have been cultivating for many years, we can offer properties not available in the open market.
Response time / Out-of the box thinking Thanks to decision making in Poland we are here and now, we can make strategic business decisions day by day, which are necessary with the comprehensive support of our clients. What also sets us apart is our unconventional and non-standard approach.
Negotiators Every day our Team of Negotiators saves hundreds of thousands to the benefit of our clients.

Our values - We start with ourselves

Knowledge and Quality
We educate our Team about the market, current trends, solutions offered and the complexity of the process. Knowledge is the foundation of our success.
It convert into the quality of services offered and the level of business consultancy.
People and relationships
We value our employees. We take care about our team, their motivation and the cooperation between departments. We are able to listen and solve problems together.
It evolves into building relationships with clients and understanding their needs.
Successful operation
We know how to create business strategies and eliminate risks. We have been successfully implementing the Walter Herz plans and business goals for the last 7 years.
We understand the business and successfully implement business plans of our clients.

Our Clients

For years, we guarantee the highest quality and service based on in-depth clients knowledge.
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