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As the commercial real estate market continues to growth process of finding and buying valuable real estate is becoming more difficult.

Walter Herz offers a full range of services, what helps making optimal decisions for both purchase and the sale of the property...
Walter Herz Asset management Team provides management services for customers - from acquisition services, to the day-to-day asset and property management of real estate assets, to long-term strategic planning for your single location to entire portfolio...
Purchase/Sale of properties
Walter Herz offers investment consulting services in purchasing and selling office, retail and warehouse space. We work with investors looking for the best solutions that will help them enter the market as well as owners interested in selling their assets.
Property management is a part of comprehensive real estate services offered by Walter Herz. When managing facilities we focus on activities aimed at maximizing the value of properties to provide customers with the highest return rates.
Walter Herz Project Management team provides expert support in the implementation of each phase of the construction or fit-out project effectively, creatively and on time reaching goals. Walter Herz professionals monitor and manage the implementation of the entire project from site selection through to investment and transfer it for use or sale...

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