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We are a passionate leading Polish consulting company operating in the commercial real estate industry. We provide strategic advice to lessees, investors and real property owners. What sets us apart is an in-depth analysis of clients’ business needs and perfectly tailored support at each stage of the process. We are the only company in Poland that has launched a unique project, called the Tenant Academy, aimed at providing training courses for lessees, where we share our knowledge, teach how and where to optimize costs, how to take care about lessees’ rights and how to minimize risks related to the processes of changing office location or renegotiation of lease contracts.


We can offer comprehensive services for the commercial real estate market by providing strategic support in renting office spaces, project management, and lessor’s representation and in the field of investment and hotel consulting. Our compassionate team of competent and experienced experts guarantees continuity of the process, extensive knowledge and a comprehensive insight into our client's needs.

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For years, we guarantee the highest quality and service based on in-depth clients knowledge.
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