Today, commercialization requires long-term creation of value

8 January 2020

Recent years have brought significant changes when it comes to services rendered in the field of Landlord Representation. Today, owners of office buildings expect greater service comprehensiveness, non-standard solutions and searching for various possibilities on the way to effectively promote and place real estate on the market. Commercialization of a facility, apart from ongoing work with tenants, now requires a broader initiative and implementation of long-term value creation processes. Most entities are looking for advisors who are able to fully implement the strategic assumptions outlined in this regard. 

Over the years, approach to arranging work spaces has also changed. Nowadays, we are no longer talking only about office complexes in the context of space for rent. It is about offices and buildings as people-friendly workplaces, which also ensure convenience in taking care of everyday matters, as well as relaxation after hours, and bring unique added values that make locations stand out in an increasingly competitive market.

Among the main difficulties related to work of the Landlord Representation department there are, first and foremost, the inability to quickly provide tenants with adequate space at a given time, in the case of investments under construction, as well as precise and appropriately profiled commercialization strategy for each project. Walter Herz specialists are also constantly faced with new challenges, which are brought, for example, by changes in construction procedures or tax returns.

Evolution of the office market has brought a substantial difference related to the tenants' requirements for space, in particular regarding its efficiency. Companies looking for new locations, now pay more attention to space functionality. They can quickly assess whether a given space meets their real goals and objectives. Today, tenants have much broader knowledge about what they can expect from the landlord and what to expect from the offered offices.

Invariably, the best way to efficiently commercialize buildings is to focus on active marketing, attracting the attention of potential customers. Communication about projects, dedicated to both the broadly understood market and tenants. The proposed office space must, in turn, meet all the expectations of companies, both in terms of quality, technical and price parameters, whereas the selected location has to meet business objectives and secure the interests of the tenant in terms of possible expansion.

Our service in the field of Landlord Representation is characterized by a comprehensive approach and consistent operation based on a well-developed strategy, which is in line with today's market requirements. Services that we provide representing the owners of office buildings also include research of work environment, consulting at the interior design stage, coordination of space arrangement process, and project management.

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