Office market in Poland in 2017

The report includes information on:

  • Demand for office space on the main markets in Poland in 2017
  • Situation in the largest agglomerations in the country
  • Rental rates on the individual office markets
  • Supply of office space in the major locations in Poland
  • Absorption of the Polish office market

In 2017, 820 000 sq m of office space was leased in Warsaw. In Cracow, over 200 000 sq m of offices has found its tenants, and in Wrocław the demand for offices amounted to 170 000 sq m. On the Poznań market, lease contracts for 78 000 sq m of office space have also been signed.113 000 sq m of offices have been contracted in the Tri-City, and in Łódź the demand for offices during that period amounted to 59 000 sq m.

On 7 main office markets in Poland in 2017, the supply of modern office space reached the value of 9 344 000 sq m. The vacancy rate remained on average at 9.8 per cent.

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