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28 February 2019

Offices arranged for generation Z

What offices are companies tempting young, talented people with? What places do they want to work at?

Difficulties in acquiring and keeping talented people make the employees' expectations regarding the workplace one of the basic criteria for companies when choosing a new office location. The attractively located, original and functional office is undoubtedly an added value in the company, but above all it is now an effective HR instrument. Increasing the employability of the most talented representatives of the youngest generation, which is considered mobile and multitasking, bringing together individualists, ambitious, creative and independent people, for whom development is a priority.

A friendly and functional place

Generation Z expects an attractive workspace, varied and equipped with the latest technological solutions, which should be functional and friendly. It is to guarantee well-being and stimulate creative thinking as well as encourage interaction and cooperation. The office environment should, on the other hand, favor the consolidation of healthy habits related to physical activity and ecology.

Of course, location is also of crucial to young people. The best  places are easily accessible from all parts of the city with great transport. The growing role of cooperation-based innovation means that companies eagerly locate offices in places that bring together a broad representation of the same industry.

- Apart from the costs of leasing and the desire to improve the company's operational activity, the key factor that has the primary impact on the decision to choose a new office are employees' expectations related to the workplace. Access to talents is not less important for the tenants than the other aspects related to the new office location - admits Bartłomiej Zagrodnik, Managing Partner at Walter Herz. - Not so long ago, the majority of companies looking for office space specified only their expectations regarding the size of the space, the amount of rental rates or key contract terms. Today, many of them ask consultants to find and design an office that will be a place where young people would like to work. It's about creating a space where they could feel as good as home - says Bartłomiej Zagrodnik.

Space that supports creativity and facilitates relaxation

Fit-out of the workplace is to support creativity, but at the same time also give opportunity to relax during the free time. That's why in today's offices we find such attractions as climbing walls, slides, meditation rooms, relaxation rooms, massage rooms, golf simulators, video game rooms, and billiard rooms.

Office space should be a flexible space, adapted to different work modes, and its arrangement should go towards the creation of active spaces, which can be changed depending on the needs at a given moment. Mobile walls, light furniture and portable seats allow, for example, a quick separation of the zone needed for discussion, and at the same time inspiring to create interesting solutions.

For the convenience of employees, the space should be diverse and serve both teamwork and individual work. A visible tendency is moving away from typical open space in favor of space shared by numerous partitions, glass panes or high greenery, where the open space gathering the workplaces is separated by kitchen zones or conference rooms.

Breaking stereotypes

Often the standards of traditional office arrangement are often broken for better effect and designed into thematic spaces, stylized, for example, as a library, a dancefloor or a cinema. Classic design is also broken by murals and graphics appearing in the office interiors.

Greenery, which is now more and more popular in offices, also boosts the well-being of employees. It has an excellent effect on air quality, which helps reduce fatigue and reduce stress. Moreover, living walls with moss or other vegetation, planes with greenery dividing the space ale placed in the offices, whereas courtyards and terraces on the roofs include even tall trees and varied elements of small architecture with the use of water.

Light and sound plays a significant role for the favorable aura. The designed space should fully meet the team's requirements regarding acoustics and room lighting, which are extremely important parameters that determine the overall satisfaction of employees. For the comfort of the working people, the office should also be equipped with silent equipment and ergonomic furniture.

A wide range of amenities and integration initiatives

Walter Herz specialists experience shows that more and more often employers engage employees in designing new offices,  who make decisions as to some of the solutions they would like to see in the new space. Therefore, workshops and interviews are often organized in the company to determine the scope of individual needs of the crew members and thus the actual requirements of the company related to the sought area.

A key role in the appropriate adaptation of buildings to today's requirements of tenants and employees is also played by the developers themselves. Modern office buildings are designed to offer all the features of intelligent buildings and facilities that increase the comfort of use. Their owners, however, do not stop there, they try to actively participate in the lives of tenants. Companies managing office buildings often organize various types of events and integration meetings, the aim of which is to establish relations between tenants and their employees. They organize shows, workshops, themed evenings, or sports activities in the building, and even marathons of games.

In addition, they provide practical applications that facilitate internal communication and inform about initiatives. Thanks to such solutions, mobile representatives of the youngest generation can use the smartphone to use various facilities in the buildings, make reservations and orders, or get current information related to the workplace.

Undoubtedly, the most appreciated are office complexes offering a number of additional accompanying services, such as conference centers, restaurants with healthy food, cafes, dental offices, fitness clubs, and kindergartens. Surrounded by numerous shops, banks, post offices, laundromats, beauty salons, service points, etc. Such location provides the opportunity to accomodate current needs on the way to work.

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