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Sale / purchase of real estate

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Walter Herz offers investment consulting services in purchasing and selling office, retail and warehouse space. We work with investors looking for the best solutions that will help them enter the market as well as owners interested in selling their assets.

We provide support to institutional clients, private and corporate investors who plan on selling or purchasing property. We have knowledge about the current situation on the capital markets as well as regional real estate markets, investment opportunities and ongoing transactions. Our database provides our customers with access to current information on assets, investors and sources of capital, and opens up possibilities to establish mutual contacts.

We point out the most optimal solutions for investing on a particular market. Moreover, we show attractive offers on the market to the customers interested in making profit from investing in real estate. For the purpose of investment transactions we perform a comprehensive assessment of the property - due diligence - to provide customers with maximum return from the investment. Our specialists prepare analysis of terms of commercial lease agreements. They also verify the provisions of financial model of real estate and carry out audit of the operational costs, maintenance fees and planned expenditure.

Within the advisory services of commercial real estate sales we determine the value of property, prepare presentation of the property and provide a professional support in sale process in order to achieve the best terms of transaction.

Use our knowledge of the local markets and the contacts that we have on the capital markets which are related to real estate. With the unique ability to develop customized solutions for customers we provide the best quality of services.

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