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Property Management

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Property management is a part of comprehensive real estate services offered by Walter Herz. When managing facilities we focus on activities aimed at maximizing the value of properties to provide customers with the highest return rates.

We increase the value of office, retail and warehouse space by reducing operating costs, optimizing lease agreements and increasing revenues, as well as through the identification of areas likely to bring additional profits. We analyze every category of expenditure, including maintenance fees, costs arising from contracts with suppliers, taxes and employing workers as well as expenses on maintaining the property.

We actively participate in the management process, supporting investors in the implementation of business strategies and financial objectives. We work for investment funds, private investors, developers and property owners interested in using the maximum potential of their assets. Experience and ability to think strategically allow our experts to present reliable and objective opinions.

Based on the best practice we created a transparent model of cooperation. The services we provide in the field of property management include managing lease agreements and ongoing support of tenants, property administration, financial management, Facility Management, technical coordination, project management and marketing service.

Walter Herz provides professional property management in all stages of operations, and support in the processes of buying, selling and refinancing facilities.

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