DL Space - DL Tower Katowice Korfantego

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Building: DL Tower Katowice Korfantego
Number: 71714/3105/OLW
Operator name: DL Space
Coworking: Yes
Private / dedicated office: Yes
Office amenities
Reception services
Conference rooms
Air conditioning
Coffee Tea
Magazine / lockers
Full office equipment
IT support
Handling letters and parcels
Daily office cleaning
DL Tower Katowice Korfantego is located in a highly urbanized part of the city of Katowice, i.e. in the city center. Within a radius of 2 minutes there are recognizable points in the region and the country, such as the complex of the Silesian Museum and the Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra, further on Spodek and the International Congress Center. In addition, the real estate impact area includes the center of Katowice [Śródmieście district], which consists of a quick connection with the Town Square, Railway and Bus Station. ? The coefficient of parking spaces is 1 place to 40 sq m of rented space, left at the disposal of tenants, both on the ground and underground car parks. The Lessor guarantees the possibility of increasing the number of parking spaces according to the individual needs of the Lessee; ? Places for guests, suppliers and services will be located in the above-ground car park at the front of the Building; ? There are also free temporary parking spaces around the Building. PROJECT CHARACTERISTICS MODERN LOOK AT SERVICE AND OFFICE SPACE 3.00-3.30m 14 FLOORS Number of storeys of the highest building (-1, -2 - underground car park; 0 - retail and service area, 1-11 - office space 54m HEIGHT OF THE BUILDING was the spatial dominant of the area .. Lifts with the possibility of transporting from 13 - 21 people, 6 Lifts Gross office space 3.65-4.35m Height of windows 3.65-4.35m, in the tilting part Total area 21.207.65m DL INVEST GROUP PM SA Modern building management systems and the lowest guaranteed service chargé rates on the market through an entity that has been managing assets worth over a billion zlotys for 15 years ACCESS TO THE BUILDING AND SAFETY Building users have 24/7 access to the facility. access control and monitoring, securing the entrances of high-speed elevators, the entrance to the garage and the entrances to the office zone. TECHNICAL A number of amenities for users and tenants already at the design level of the facility, including: ? Temperature and airflow control on work surfaces +/- 2 degrees C; ? System of the current reading of reactive energy consumption; ? Floors raised to a height of 150 mm. ? High-speed elevators; ? Use of LED lighting throughout the building; ? Workstation lighting at the level of min. 500 lux ACCESS FOR DISABLED PERSONS The entire building is adapted for the disabled.
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