Dom na Rokiciu - Office Łódź-Górna

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Information / offer
Building: Dom na Rokiciu
Number: 34804/3105/OLW
Area: 400.00 m2
Rent per sqm: 66.25 PLN / m²
The royalty: 11.00 PLN / m²
Available areas: 400.00 - 400.00
Building standard
Dom na Rokiciu is an interesting proposition for entities that are looking for a unique and home work space. The property with a very high standard and quality has a surface area of 400 sq m. The system allows efficient organization of the surface while maintaining all functions. Reparation zone with a small meeting room, adjacent to a small meeting room, open space adjacent to the terrace and green area, but also single and multi-person rooms with accompanying functions (meeting room / phone room) located on the first floor. There is a possibility of talking about the purpose of the neighboring parcel of land on the surface parking for guests and all object evaporators.
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